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About Us

Organizational Profile

JOSIC Co. Ltd is a private owned Local contractors registered by Contractor Registration Board (CRB) as Class Three (III) Civil and Class Four (IV) Building contractor. It is an independent company comprising of well experienced and competent personnel in construction of communication towers, civil works and Building construction

Our Experience
  • Road works
  • Construction of Communication towers
  • Civil Works for Optic Fiber Cable
  • Optic Fiber Cable – Cable Works
  • Collocation Works for Telecommunication Towers
  • Telecommunication Towers Electrical Works
  • Telecommunication Towers Strengthening
  • Building construction
  • Bridges Construction
  • Manufacturing of various building materials
  • Immediate response to clients’

Our Vision

  • JOSIC Co. Ltd is a company that would consciously like to channel its resources, energy and activities towards building a world that is free of low standard work. We do question every action of ours on minute-to-minute basis and see to it that we continuously take on bigger challenges and we must grow and progress on a daily basis in every thing that we do.
  • We must progress as individuals, as a company and as a truly meaningful organization that is honest, fair in all its dealings. Every person in our organization must consciously develop himself/ herself in knowledge, attitude, habits, skills and strategies, in order to build a meaningful world through our work.
  • We do strive for excellent quality in every work that we do on a daily basis and see to it that we do not compromise on our values of honesty and commitment and at any given cost, irrespective of the situations.
  • JOSIC Co. Ltd believes in the foundation of quality, commitment, and introspection on a daily basis. In order to continuously grow, it is our mission to provide the best of work in our field irrespective of the challenges we face.
  • We do not stop to dream because of difficult problems. We continuously provide best and quality oriented work through our projects by fulfilling clients’ expectation and remain best competitor in this Technological advancement world.
  • We do provide solid structure to the dreams of everyone associated with us by simply being committed to our work, being honest in our actions and by not compromising on quality of work.

Capability Statement.

  • JOSIC Co. Ltd as a local contractor has financial support from financial Institutions that builds the capability of meeting clients’ needs. Therefore, no job is too large or too small, too complex or too challenging for JOSIC Co. Ltd.
  • JOSIC Co. Ltd draws experienced and competent personnel who have worked in various Local and foreign contractors and when added with well-equipped office infrastructure have proven our competence in construction industry as a whole
  • The depth of our competence is reflected in the variety of projects we have recently undertaken and those we have entered into contracts. This justifies our acceptance among clients of different backgrounds. We always strive to see that we accomplish it all and more to give value for money to our clients. Regardless of the nature of the projects so assigned we meet the needs of our clients within time, scope and with the most cost-efficient way and always with an eye of quality and safety.


  • Currently, JOSIC Co. LTD is registered with Contractors Registration Board (CRB), Association of Citizen Contractors Tanzania (ACCT) and a member of Contractors Association of Tanzania (CATA). We have applied for International Engineering Alliance (IEA)

Research and Innovation.

  • We always take account the rapidly technological changes that demand quick adaptation and assimilation. In this endeavors, JOSIC CO. LTD with its Research and Development (R&D) department has taken key turn to ensure most of our construction materials are well researched for quality before they are into the market

Our Clients